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Testosterone treatment

What’s all the fuss about…
Aside from being the primary male sex hormone, testosterone regulates many vital functions including bone and muscle mass, sex drive, fat distribution, and red blood cell production.

Unfortunately, symptoms of testosterone deficiency are nonspecific which may lead to a delay in diagnosis and proper treatment.  Symptoms of testosterone deficiency may include but are not limited to erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, weight gain, low energy levels, lack of motivation, fatigue, irritability, and depression. Often, relatively low testosterone levels may coexist with some of the more common chronic medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and metabolic problems.

Good News!!

Correcting testosterone deficiency is possible for many and it’s one of the cornerstone services of Alchemy Wellness center.

Here’s the process

First step: Complete the Get Started form

  • Once we receive your online request you’ll have a phone or telehealth visit with a provider to explain the program. If you want to move forward we’ll email you consent and medical history forms.
  • After we receive your paperwork we’ll have you come in for a rapid testosterone test. At this point we’ll also order further lab testing that you can have done in the next few days and your medication will be ordered. This will be delivered right to your home.
  • When we get your lab results we will schedule either an in person or telemedicine visit so we can review them with you.
  • Initial consultation with labs is $175. This amount is then applied to your first month’s cost.
  • This is a membership with a minimum of 3 months. We do this because it typically takes this amount of time for you to really feel the benefits. The monthly cost is $395. This includes your medication, follow up lab work, and visits. You’ll also have access to your provider via our Patient Portal or secure texts.
Testosterone treatment
Enclomiphene, the testosterone alternative

Enclomiphene, the testosterone alternative

This medication is taken orally and stimulates your own natural production of testosterone. Because of this Enclomiphene is generally well tolerated with minimal side effects. . If you’re a young man still interested in having a family this could be the ideal option for you. Fertility is preserved, and may be increased due to the effect of Enclomiphene on testicular size and sperm production. It’s also been shown to increase lean body mass. Enclomiphene is a great first line drug for everyone EXCEPT those with primary hypogonadism. Otherwise, for age related, or what we call secondary hypogonadism, it’s an excellent choice.

We also treat other men’s health issues including erectile dysfunction. ED may occur due to various medical and psychological reasons. We can help you sort out the cause and figure out which treatment option will work best.


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone responsible for men’s sex drive. Aside from that it regulates bone/muscle mass and improves mood and energy level. Several medical conditions, including aging, can lead to relative testosterone deficiency leading to a variety of disabling symptoms.

Various forms of replacement therapies are available including injectables, gels, pellets, and creams. Our practice is only prescribing injectable testosterone.

Conventional insurance can cover TRT following strict insurance driven guidelines. We use the guidelines but also look at the big picture, choosing to treat symptoms not just numbers. In addition, our liaison with compounding pharmacies allows us to assist self-payers at highly affordable monthly subscription rates. This covers clinic visits, related lab work, and medication costs. Our practice does not accept or file insurance.

It varies individually, however, given that it’s a chronic condition, most require ongoing replacement under medical supervision that includes periodic lab work up.

Creams, gels, nasal sprays, and patches are used daily. With the topical formulations of testosterone dosing is challenging due to variable absorption, increased risk of missed doses, and the potential risk of accidental exposure to other people in direct physical contact.

Generally they are administered weekly based on 7-8 days half life of injectable testosterone formulation. Weekly or twice weekly injections help to maintain steady levels.

Side effects of testosterone are related to dosing, injection site reaction/irritation, and the hormonal effects of testosterone including acne, increased red cell production, enlargement of breasts, low sperm count, and effects related to prostate enlargement (possible urination difficulties like decreased stream and increased frequency). Most of the side effects are easily manageable. We encourage you to discuss potential risks of therapy in detail during consultation with your provider.

Is new on the scene as a way to increase your natural production of testosterone.This medication has a favorable risk profile when compared to testosterone and may be the perfect choice for many men. Enclomiphene is generally well tolerated; primary side effects include headache and nausea and these are rarely reported

testosterone replacement therapy

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