Medically Assisted Weight Loss Programs

Want to lose 20 + pounds in the next 90 days? With our 4 Pillar protocol you’ll see the changes and love how you look and feel!

medically assisted Weight Loss Program

Trying to lose weight is such a challenge. We’re all overbooked, stressed out, not sleeping, not eating like we should, and don’t even talk about trying to find time to exercise. It can be so frustrating when you feel like you’re doing the best you can, but the scale isn’t budging. Or perhaps you’re stuck in a yoyo cycle of losing and regaining those same pounds? We’re here to help! Our weight loss programs offer a variety of options and we’re here to support you through the entire process. This is available in person or via telehealth.

Semaglutide and Tirzepatide – The Weight Loss Wonder Drugs

Alchemy Wellness is excited to offer Semaglutide which is the generic version of Ozempic and Tirzepatide, the compounded version of Mounjaro. These medications are naturally occurring peptides produced in the gut. They function to increase insulin production, decrease appetite, and slow gastric emptying all of which lead to eating less without feeling hungry. In addition, they both are very effective at decreasing cravings. These medications have been one of the most successful tools for weight loss in the last decade. Over the course of the weight loss program, most people lose a minimum of 15% of their body weight with Semaglutide and 20% with Tirzepatide. Unfortunately, the prescription versions of these medications aren’t covered by insurance for weight loss and costs $1500 and up per month. The good news is the compounded versions are as effective and we can offer it to our clients at a fraction of the cost.

medically assisted Weight Loss solutions
weight loss


Our Tirzepatide program starts with a quick virtual or in person consultation. If you meet eligibility criteria and decide to move forward, we email medical history forms, consents, place lab orders, and order your first month of medication. This will be shipped to your house along with all needed supplies. We will follow up to review labs and reorder your medication. The cost varies based upon your dose as follows:

Weekly doseMonthly doseCost
One time initial set up fee $75

If you prefer Semaglutide the process is the same, the only difference is the cost. Both programs include labs, consultation, medication, and all supplies shipped to your home.

Weekly doseMonthly doseCost
One time initial set up fee $75

Weight Loss Programs Highlights

Included with our weight loss program is a subscription to our app. This includes daily emails to help keep you on track and focused. Within the app there are meal plans for virtually any dietary choice, exercise plans with instructional videos, and best of all a food, activity,  and weight tracker. The app syncs to our Portal so we can help monitor your progress. ($150/month value included at no charge). We also offer a 10% discount on all in person services and retail products as an added value. Currently we are offering our local clients 2 complimentary LaserLipo sessions. For our telemedicine clients we offer a 10% discount on retail products including Lipo-Tropic injections and B12 injections.

Weight Loss Programs
Weight Loss Programs


These medications can support your weight loss or can be used as an alternative for those who are ineligible for Semaglutide or Tirzepatide.

  1. Bella
  2. Tesofensine
  3. AOD 9604/NAD
  4. Sermorelin
  5. BPC 157
  6. CJC 1295/Ipamorelin
  7. Gonadorelin HCL
  8. BioBoost
  1. Ipamorelin/Sermorelin
  2. Sermorelin
  3. BPC 157
  4. CJC 1295/Ipamorelin
  5. Gonadorelin HCL
  6. BioBoost Plus
    • Methionine/Inositol/Choline/B6/B12/L-Carnitine/L-Arginine/Lidocaine


Both medications increase production of insulin, decrease insulin resistance, lower blood glucose, slow gastric emptying which results in feeling full so you eat less. In addition they both decrease cravings so you’re not thinking about food or eating

  • Personal or family history of Medullary Thyroid Cancer (MTC) or Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome Type 2 (MEN 2)
  • Allergy to Semaglutide or Tirzepatide or any of the ingredients
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Nausea, vomiting, reflux, and constipation are the most common
  • Pancreatitis and kidney injury are very uncommon but possible
  • Side effects can be minimized by eating smaller meals, paying attention to when you feel full, and avoiding fatty foods
  • Both medications are a once weekly injection typically given in the abdomen, thigh, or upper arm
  • Based upon your tolerance, goals, and response the medication dose will be increased on a monthly basis
  • Reduce risk of stroke, heart attack, death
  • Reduces Hgb A1c and blood sugar
  • Weight loss
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Alexis Villwok
Alexis Villwok
Alchemy Wellness has been a blessing. Teresa Cirvello is great to work with. She’s understanding, knowledgeable, and kind. I would recommend anyone to come here!
Kathie Mitch
Kathie Mitch
I began a weight loss program using Mounjaro about 7 weeks ago. I’m so happy I found Terri to help me along this journey. I work crazy hours on night shift and have been gaining weight over the past two years no matter how hard I tried to control my weight though diet. I’ve lost about 15 lbs so far.
Adryan ONeil
Adryan ONeil
I was very impressed visiting Alchemy for my first appointment. Dr.Mustafa and Teresa were knowledgeable, answered all of my questions, and spent time with me longer than I've experienced at any doctor's office. If you are unsure if compounded weight loss injections are as good at name brands- this is legit and with less side effects!
Mona Chaudhri
Mona Chaudhri
Great service. Will definitely be coming here again
I am being managed for weight loss here. I was frustrated and could not get the weight off after my hysterectomy. After seeing Terri, ACNP, and starting on Mounjaro, I have lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks and couldn't be happier. I was at my wits end. Seriously saved my mental health.