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Medically Assisted weight loss

Want to lose 20 + pounds in the next 90 days? With our 4 Pillar protocol you’ll see the changes and love how you look and feel! Trying to lose weight is such a challenge. We’re all overbooked, stressed out, not sleeping, not eating like we should, and don’t even talk about trying to find… Continue reading Medically Assisted weight loss

Men’s health

It’s time to feel like your old self again! Are you ready to start having energy for all the things you love? We can help you get your motivation and love of life back! What’s all the fuss about… Aside from being the primary male sex hormone, testosterone regulates many vital functions including bone and… Continue reading Men’s health

Body Sculpting

LipoLaser Body Contouring Our LipoLaser is a non-invasive procedure that provides skin tightening, body contouring, and cellulite reduction with no pain or downtime. This 40 minute treatment causes adipocytes (fat cells) to release their contents leading to shrinkage in fat cell size. The fat is then removed from the body via lymphatic circulation. The laser pads… Continue reading Body Sculpting

Performance Enhancement/Peptide therapy  

Infusions and Shot Bar

Alchemy Elixirs   We offer several of the most popular infusions. They range from anti-aging to a beauty blend. The typical Western diet is made up of highly processed foods filled with preservatives and all sorts of mystery chemicals. Because of this our gut is only able to effectively absorb roughly 20% of the nutrients… Continue reading Infusions and Shot Bar